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        Namland Real Estate Investment and Management Company Limited was established on April 26, 2018 with the abbreviated name of NAMLAND CO.,LTD.

        Successfully started with retail real estate consulting services, Namland has now grown and expanded into the field of renting and selling townhouses, villas, factories, business premises and new Here we have expanded into high-class apartments, Shophouse, Officetel.

        Whether you are a property buyer or seller, a tenant or a homeowner, we are here to listen because "You are the most important part of us" and that is the baggage that Namland always carries in During more than 4 years of operation in the market in District 2. Namland has been improving the quality of products and services every day with the desire to best support customers.

Overview of Namland Real Estate


        To meet the growing needs of the growing business and the increasingly rich and diverse needs of customers. Currently, Namland Real Estate Company has EXPANDED a new branch at 28 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward, District 2. We look forward to providing the fastest and most professional customer support.

The Sun Avenue luxury apartment - 28 Mai Chi Tho


Summarize and distribute monthly bonuses (residential team)

        Our teammates are experienced  consultants – customer support experienced – knowledgeable about the market – negotiating to ensure the benefits of the parties. We will definitely choose the right and quality products for you. At the same time, the  communication between all the people involved from the owner, to the current tenant and customers looking for a home will be absolutely confidential.

Company year-end

Noel With Namland

Support the landlord to sign the contract successfully

    Dynamic working environment, friendly colleagues, the company is always ready to support whenever you need.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions: office staff and sales staff. The job description of each position is as follows:


  • Office staff job description:

- Working at the office, office hours

- Consulting products to customers provided by the company.

- Receive customer phone calls, answer questions for customers when needed.

- Maintain confidential customer information.

- Compose articles, news posted on forum pages, advertising,...

-  Specific work will be guided in detail when working.

* Job requirements

- Male/Female aged 18-25 years old.

- Quick, diligent, good communication,

- No experience, the company will guide and train.

- Priority will be given to you with good office

- Computer skills.

* Income :

- Hard salary from 6-10 million/month + progressive salary

- Continuous bonus: hot bonus, weekly, monthly, quarterly, sales bonus for individuals and groups with good achievements (bonus or in-kind) can be over 10 million depending on capacity.

Office Staff

  • Sales Executive Job Description:

- Developing markets, finding customers with a diversified inventory of more than 6,000 products of the Company.

- Receiving phone calls, exploiting information, customer needs, consulting and selling products available at the company

- Lead customers to see houses, apartments, close transactions, consult legal processes.

- Have the right to choose a convenient working area, take the initiative in time.

* Job requirements:

- Intermediate or higher graduation

- Experience in real estate, securities, insurance, .. is an advantage.

- No experience will be trained.

Income:   Income of at least 36 MILLION/MONTH can be up to 100-200 million depending on capacity.

Sales staff - customer care



- Trained in technology, real estate knowledge and products of the Company.

- Working in a dynamic professional environment.

- Participate fully in activities: Training, improving professional skills of the organization company.

- Opportunity to demonstrate competence and advance to Management positions.

- Law statutory holiday

- Travel programs, Team building 2 times/year at home or abroad.




You can contact the candidate in one of the following ways:

- Directly contact Hotline: 0902.553.869 (Mrs. Nam)

- Registration form:

- Email:

- Company headquarters :


Apartment, townhouse, villa, warehouse for rent, joint-stock house in District 2, HCMC

Apartment, townhouse, villa, warehouse for rent, joint-stock house in District 2, HCMC

Apartment, townhouse, villa, warehouse for rent, joint-stock house in District 2, HCMC